Peace of mind

October 19, 2017

A Peaceful Mind Generates Power

This generation has missed something that our forefathers knew and which helped to condition their character – and that is silence of the great forest or the far-reaching plains.

Perhaps our lack of inner peace is due to some extent to the effect of noise on the nervous system of modern people. Scientific experiments show that noise in places where you work, live or sleep reduces efficiency to a noticeable degree. Contrary to popular belief, it is doubtful if we ever completely adjust our physical, mental, or nervous mechanism s to noise.

No matter how familiar a repeated sound becomes, it never passes unheard by the subconscious. motor-car horns, the roar of airplanes, and other strident noises actually result in physical activity during sleep. Impulses transmitted to and through the nerves by these sounds cause muscular movements which detract from real rest. If the reaction is severe enough, it partakes of the nature of the shock.

The Power of Positive Thinking/Norman Vincent Peale

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