The Millionaire Mind Hack

August 1, 2018
Millionaire Mind Hack Ferrari

Millionaire Mind Hack

The Game Has Begun!

1. The Millionaire Mind Hack shows that you have to be the person you need to be so others are attracted to you and want to be with you.

2. Be fired up to make a difference and be passionate, remember conversation about action is gossip, don’t say what you are doing, just do it.

3. Always be open to feedback and always have an abundant attitude.

4. Don’t demand perfection, demand results, they are not the same thing.

5. Aim for one percent improvement in all your activities, they stack up and pretty soon you will have improvement beyond your wildest dreams.

And always the time to start is now! Sow the seed


The Sowing Of The Seed

These are my 10 steps of sowing the seed

  1. Decide exactly what it is you want
  2. Design a plan to get there
  3. Have a time line
  4. Take action (Do it Now)
  5. Watch out for the excuses
  6. Stay away from negativity
  7. Surround your self with people who know what they are doing
  8. Have total faith in God or what ever you call the great Creative Power
  9. Find a mentor or some one who have already achieved what you would like and follow them, do what they did and I am sure they are probably still doing it today
  10. Believe

Successful Habits

The following are 7 habits that successful people have

  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Get spouse / others to support you
  3. Discipline yourself
  4. Manage your time (Learn to manage your time)
  5. Work many hours
  6. Exercise (Walk, Gym, Diet) etc
  7. Balance your books / Control your cash flow

The question is! How Fast Can You Become Wealthy?

How would the millionaire mind hack work for you when it feels like you’re spinning your wheels… when the struggle is alive and strong… even when you’re quietly convinced you and wealth will never know one another… it’s the thought that some millionaire could step in and make some money magic...Learn More


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